The Exhibition on Water is a unique event that brings together at the same place manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and chemicals; representatives of scientific institutions, designing companies, water management enterprises, local governments, public utility companies, ministries; as well as the financial institutions making investments in the water management through donations and loans.

The Exhibition has been initiated with the purpose to define strategic goals in preserving the water resources and with a wish to improve and develop the water management sector of the region.

The Exhibition on Water is intended for all those who are ready to present their knowledge and experiences and to communicate them to others, regardless of this being a product, technology, service, innovation, science … or anything else that contributes to better use of waters, to protection of waters, and to protection against waters.

The purpose of the Exhibition on Water is to be a starting platform for all future projects of the region and for networking of manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technology with financial institutions investing money in the water management.

The Exhibition on Water is accompanied by Water Forum (International Scientific Conference) that is, owing to careful selection of topics, always up-to-date and inspiring. With a view that the water management is an activity that integrally manages the waters and performs servicing operations in this area, the engagement of leading experts at the international scientific conference points to accountability and readiness of all participants to contribute to its development.

Visitors are offered an opportunity to be informed about new products and services, technologies and solutions at a single place.