Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering


The Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering is one of the oldest associations in Serbia (founded in 1950) dealing with issues of waters and environmental protection. Major consideration in this area is the use of resources and their protection against pollution. No expert association in Serbia has so many expert references in these areas as this Association does. The Association makes it possible for its members to acquire expert and scientific knowledge, exchange information and properly innovate their knowledge and influence on the public.


The Association performs its activity through:

  • publishing expert publications, manuals and collections of scientific papers in the area of sanitary engineering;
  • organizing scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars, study tours, or specialist courses.


The Association of Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering is also involved in:

  • publishing of the scientific journal “Water and Sanitary Technology” (the first issue was published in 1971),
  • organizing of Workshops,.
  • organizing of side events such as technical exhibitions of equipment manufacturers.

In cooperation with the Institute for Standardization, the Association organizes and publishes the standards and rules for the area of waterworks and sewerage.