BelExpo Plus is a leader in organizing exhibitions and has been involved in organizing exhibition events in the region, for almost 30 years.
BelExpo Plus organizes exhibitions in cooperation with relevant ministries, chambers of economy and partners closely associated with particular specialty.
BelExpo Plus organizes business B2B exhibitions as well as exhibitions intended for general public.


We have so far successfully organized the following exhibitions:

  • BIRE (Balkan Infrastructure Rebuild Exhibition),
  • BITE (Computer & Telecommunications Exhibition),
  • BITTS (First International Tourism Fair in Belgrade),
  • BISS (First International Sports Fair in Belgrade),
  • AGRIFOOD (International Food Fair),
  • CVP AGRO EXPO (Exhibition and Congress of florists, fruit-growers, vine growers, vegetable growers, and organic agricultural production),
  • HORECA EXPO (Exhibition on hotel, catering and hospitality business),
  • KOMDEL EXPO (International public utility equipment exhibition),
  • ONE WORLD CULINARY CUP (World Culinary Chefs Competition), and BALKAN CULINARY CUP,