This year's Water Forum - << WATER SECTOR - A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE >> is being held under conditions in which water supply and sewage utility companies are heavily burdened. Threats to business are the increase of costs for electricity and energy products, as well as other materials and services, together with the upcoming introduction of fees for direct water pollution. According to the general assessment, the energy crisis is not slowing down. The inability to systematically solve problems seriously disrupts the business management of water supply and sewerage utility companies.

Municipal water services are burdened with decades of unresolved problems that belong to completely different jurisdictions.

Topics whose solutions have been on the agenda for a long time include institutional status, legal, personnel, and financial-commercial problems, environmental pressure, and climate changes, as well as demographic changes, accelerated urbanization, and agglomeration. In such conditions, water services' reliability and sustainability are under a big question mark.

The Exhibitors will also participate in the Water Forum, and will, through technical - commercial presentations, introduce us to their production program and its application in current investment projects.