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This year, the twelfth Exhibition on Water, will be held between 17 – 19th November, and it will bring together in one place, manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and chemicals, representatives of scientific institutions, engineering and designing companies, water management enterprises, local authorities, public utilities companies, government ministries as well as the financial institutions which through funds and loans invest money in water management.

Previous Exhibition on Water / Water Forum (held 2019) had, as the main topics, “Water sector – from good planning to successful realization of investment“

A special attention has been dedicated to the latest developments in the application of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in water supply and wastewater systems. Experiences in solving issues with water supply and wastewater session included presentation of opportunities and challenges in implementation of EU UWWTD with case study of pollution control project for Croatian littoral water, the regional water supply system in Montenegro, as well as future primary sewage system facilities and a wastewater treatment plant in Belgrade's Veliko Selo project. The annual assembly meeting of the Association of Water Supply and Sewerage of Serbia brought together the largest number of directors and decision makers in communal hydrotechnics. The current situation and the main problems in the sector have be discussed, as well as measures to overcome them.

The forum has allowed the professional public to be informed on the activities and opportunities within the RCDN (Regional Capacity Development Network), managed by the German Organization for International Cooperation - GIZ. In part of the project in which UTVSI is particularly involved, special attention is focused on capacity development in the area of collection and treatment of municipal wastewater, as well as in the area of ​​asset management of water supply and sewerage companies.

The third day of the Forum has been dedicated to our young colleagues of all profiles of expertise in this field, both the ones with experience, and interns and students of final year.

The presence of 120 companies – the exhibitors, the large number of expert speakers and a large number of visitors who visited the Exhibition on Water 2019 and attended the presentations in the framework of Water Forum, confirmed the interest of the professionals for this event as well as the topics that it addresses .

Exhibition on Water / Water Forum 2019



Exhibition on Water / Water Forum 2019




This year’s Water Forum 2021 will be held in conditions of the still-present form of coronavirus pandemic. As it is generally considered, in its extent and by its impact, this global phenomenon has surpassed all the events since World War II. The pandemic has deeply disrupted the life on the planet and affected all human activities whose consequences are yet to be seen. The Water Forum will be dedicated to the problems brought by the pandemic and the ways in which the water sector has responded in our country and the world.



IWA International SAM FORUM 2021

With the official support of the International Water Association- IWA, during the Water Forum 2020, there will be held a high-level event “Trends in AM practices in Water Utilities” dedicated to strategic asset management with a presentation of the Case study – Regional cooperation on AM. The IWA International SAM Forum aims to present new trends in the development of AM practices by international experts, as well as regional cooperation in the implementation of AM.


Exhibition on Water 2021 will be held in Belexpocentar  hall while the Water Forum 2021 is to be held in the conference rooms of the Holiday Inn Hotel.


Belexpocentar hall and Holiday Inn are physically interlinked.







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