This year, the Exhibition on Water/Water Forum, will be held between 08 – 10th November (fourteenth in a row), and it will bring together in one place, manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and chemicals, representatives of scientific institutions, engineering and designing companies, water management enterprises, local authorities, public utilities companies, government ministries as well as the financial institutions which through funds and loans invest money in water management.

Exhibition on Water/Water Forum is organized as an Unique Communication Platform. 

Reliable information and open discussions are more important than ever.

At the Exhibition on Water/Water Forum 2023, you will get many answers and information on relevant topics:

  • How does the crisis, has lasting so long, affects the safety and security of water services and the readiness and endurance of the system?
  • How can we more loudly point out the importance of water and respond to the pressures of urbanization and conflicting economic interests and preserve our waters and sources?
  • How can we maintain the quality of drinking water, despite the ever-increasing load and pollution?
  • What are the economic consequences of the crisis, the unresolved problems of the lack of professional staff, and their impact on the business of water supply and sewerage utility companies?

We are confident that, by mutual engagement of all stakeholders both in the sector and the industry, systemic solutions will be found for the future, resilience, and successful operations of water systems. New technologies, engineering knowledge, dependable studies and projects- give us a framework for this.

We are pleased to announce the fourteenth Exhibition on Water/ Water Forum.

We look forward to meeting you in Belgrade!