17 - 19. November 2021. / BelExpocentar / Belgrade / Serbia


Exhibition of Water Management Equipment and Technology

International Scientific Conference on Water













Who exhibits?


  • Manufacturers of equipment for hydrotechnical structures: water supply, sewerage, water use,  protection from floods and erosion...

  • Manufacturers of measuring instruments;

  • Manufacturers of equipment for systems automation, monitoring and control;

  • Manufacturers of equipment , devices and instruments for water and wastewater control;

  • Planning and engineering firms specializing in water management: water supply, sewerage and the environment protection (protection of water against pollution); protection from floods and erosion; and use of waters (navigation, water power generation and irrigation);

  • Companies producing water modelling software;

  • Scientific and expert organizations, universities, research institutes from the water sector;

  • Contractors – construction and installation companies working on the construction of water management facilities, waterworks and sewerage;

  • Institutions and organizations financing the water management sector through funds and loans








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