17 - 19. November 2021. / BelExpocentar / Belgrade / Serbia


Exhibition of Water Management Equipment and Technology

International Scientific Conference on Water













Why exhibit?



Because you get an opportunity to:

  • exhibit and promote your products, technologies, innovations, services, and solutions, which may be seen by expected 3.000 – 5.000 expert visitors;

  • present your production/distribution program and technology through a presentation on the Water Forum (International Scientific Conference);

  • make contacts and foster a strong professional relationship with former and future users of your products and technologies;

  • make contacts with financial institutions and other entities investing money for the water management, and thus get an opportunity to compete with your products and technologies for the projects planned to be implemented in the South East European region


Meet at a single place, as visitors:

  • experts in the area of waters, coming from the government sector and industry;

  • government officials;

  • representatives of chambers of economy;

  • relevant bodies of regional chambers and local governments;

  • representatives of financial institutions;

  • all profiles of water engineers and experts;

  • representatives of public utility companies of waterworks and sewerage;

  • representatives of public enterprises;

  • representatives of national and international organizations;

  • representatives of agencies for building land;

  • representatives of city institutes for public health;

  • experts of water management activity;

  • scientists, professors;

  • directors, engineers, and technical personnel of various sectors in companies;

  • representatives of the industry of paper and cellulose, food processing, beverages, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, as well as textile industry;

  • customers






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