Over the past years, exhibitors have expressed their impressions of the Exhibition on Water and Water Forum.

The evaluation of some exhibitors is…


Company Beo Tehnology d.o.o. , Belgrade, Serbia:

Company Beo Tehnology d.o.o. have been in the third year, at the Belgrade Exhibition on Water/Water Forum.
We thank you on behalf of our company as well as our foreign partners Cappellotto Spa and Rico GmbH at a very well organized fair, professional approach and commitment to the promotion of the fair, and this manifestation is visited every year by an increasing number of exhibitors and visitors from the country and abroad.

The Exhibition on Water is particularly interspersed for us because it is focused on water sector products that enable both solving problems and improving the development and quality of the existing one.

The event itself has become one of the leaders in the region and we congratulate the organizer for the great success, with the desire to be together in the future in a team that makes success.

See you next year !

Beo Tehnology doo

Beo Tehnology d.o.o.




Company SIGMA, Kula, Serbia:

SIGMA d.o.o. from Kula takes part at the Exhibition on Water/Water Forum since the beginning of the organization of this event. As a manufacturer of technological equipment, participation in this event helped us in the realization of many important contacts, but also in concluding very important business agreements and realization of jobs.

The biggest advantage of this event is the large number of professional participants, visitors, as well as the top team of organizers that significantly increasing the quality of events every year, for both sides, participants and visitors.

Aleksandar Kolić

Logistics and planning

SIGMA d.o.o




Company ELEKTROKOVINA Kraljevo, Serbia:

 Elektrokovina Kraljevo for the first time participated in the Exhibition on Water/Water Forum in 2017. The overall impression is remarkable, considering both through the aspect of attendance of visitors and  the aspect of organization of manifestation. We have made many new contacts and we would definitely want to be part of the Exhibition on Water / Water Forum in the future. We are very proud that we were the part of one serious manifestation that we all must nurturing together.

I would especially like to highlight the person who is the main link chain of the Fair. That person is Mrs. Sanja Vuckovic, whose enormous engagement and servility give the greatest contribution to this event.

Sava Stanković, Elektrokovina Kraljevo






Company SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SERBIA, Belgrade, Serbia:

Schneider Electric, as an international company specialized in the field of automation and energy management, is among other things, very active in the part of the water treatment industry.

At the Exhibition on Water/ Water Forum we, as an exhibitor, have been in the third year in a row and we consider this event one of the most notable events of its kind in the region.

We thank the organisers for their dedicated efforts to improve and modernize the vision of the Exhibition on Water/ Water Forum every year, and the most obvious result of this work is, in our opinion, the increasing attendance of new clients.

Our desire and commitment is to continue to be part of this event and we hope that with our activity we will contribute the growth in interest the future visitors.

Tibor Doža,Sales representative, Schneider Electric Serbia d.o.o.




Company EBARA Pumps EuropeS.p.A., Brendola, Italy:

Japanese company EBARA as one of the world largest companies for producing of pumps and pump systems is constantly present participating numerous fairs and expert conferences worldwide. This is our first show on Belgrade Exhibition on Waterafter several exhibitions in the region with similar thematic.

Fair organization, participants, expert content, number and profile of visitors testify of prestige this fair has, not only on domestic but also on regional market.  We can clearly say that Belgrade Exhibition on Waterraised quality bar very high.

It was our pleasure to participate on Belgrade Exhibition on Water2016. This way I want to use opportunity to express gratitude to organizers and to all visitors who visited us on our stand. Hope to see you next year.

We have already reserved our stand.

With best regards,
Danilo Kurdulija
Ebara Pumps Europe

EBARA Pumps EuropeS.p.A.



Company Saint Gobain PAM, Belgrade, Serbia:

Exhibition on Water represents a unique event, both in Serbia and in this part of Europe, in terms of conception, organization, and the general interest of professional public for the event. Year by year, the Exhibition on Water, progressing in all important segments and becomes more interesting for a growing number of companies.

Company Saint Gobain PAM was participated for the second time at the fair, but the first time with colleagues from France, who were extremely satisfied with the structure of present exhibitors and attendance of visitors and also were impressed with the fact that fair has regional character and great importance.

We sincerely hope that the fair will keep this high level of quality in the coming years .

With respect,
Igor Solovjev, Sales & Technical representative
Saint Gobain PAM




Company AVK INTERNATIONALA/S, Galten, Denmark:

The company AVK International has been present in the regional market more than 10 years and during that time was participated at all important events.

As a European leader in the production of valves, hydrants and other accessories AVK pays extremely attention to the all Fair events. Although in all countries of the region there are very good events in the field of Water Treatment and Water Supply, we can emphasize that in the past few years the Belgrade Exhibition on Water  became one of  the most serious and the most massive event in this area.

Professional and always innovative, comprehensive and step ahead of expectations.

There is a big commitment and above all a lot of pleasure to participate in this event and to be one step closer to our customers and their wishes.

With regards,

AVK international A/S




Company BINEMIKOM  d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

The company  Binemikom  was every year presented as an exhibitor, from the establishment of the Exhibition on Water  in 2009.

We are very grateful to the organizers that during last seven years of patient work they managed to improve Fair by listening suggestions and objections of exhibitors and participants. Large effort and commitment to the organization of the event have led the Fair to be better and more successful through the years.

From our point of view this year's Exhibition on Water (2015) was very successful.

Our opinion is that add value to the Exhibition on Water and Forum provides a modern and compact exhibition space Belexpocentar,  where the Fair is held, as well as, its connections with the hotel Holiday  Inn , where the conferences takes place.

Over the years Exhibition on Water and Water Forum has become a recognized scientific and expert leading event which stands out among the similar events in the region.

Exhibition on Water is well accepted among professionals and we are witnesses that there is a growing interest of new exhibitors to participate in the future Fairs.

We are glad that our company Binemikom  contributed to that by engaging their business partners.

Ms. Mila Bijelić, Binemikom d.o.o.




Company ACO gradjevinski elementi d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

Company ACO gradjevinski elementi d.o.o. as a part of ACO group, leading world company in the area of drainage and water treatment technologies, is present in the market of Serbia and Montenegro for the last 12 years. During this time, we have become a part of numerous projects in various fields of application.

Our decision to exhibit on Exhibition on Water 2013. turned out to be the right choice and help in our market aproach, presenting new products, maintaining the existing contacts and creating new ones, among the experts in our line of business.

We are grateful for the successful organization of the Fair, professional and attentive approach and we express our intention to be a part of this manifestation in the future as well.

Jelena Andric Grafakos,Market Segment Manager, ACO gradjevinski elementi d.o.o.




Company GEA CEE GmbH, Branch office Serbia:

This year, the companyGEACEEhas participated at the Exhibition on Water for the second time.

Our expectationsfrom the eventwerefully achieved. The fair wasvery well organized, attendance of visitorsat the fairwas excellent, andwhat is most importantfor us asexhibitors, we have renewedmany old, andestablishedmany newcontactswith potentialcustomers.
Exhibition on Water  isan excellent opportunityto sharethe knowledge and experiencewith theexhibitorsandthe visitors from same branch.
We will be very happyto bea part of this projectin the coming years.

Nikola  Todorovic, Country Manager, GEA CEE GmbH Rep. Office Serbia




Company POLIETILENSKI SISTEMI  d.o.o., Novi Sad, Serbia:

Herebywe would like to thank the organizers of the event Exhibition on Water on cooperation at a high level.

CompanyPOLIETILENSKI SISTEMINovi Sad and GEORG FISCHER PIPING SYSTEMS Schaffhausen, Switzerland are very satisfied with the organization and services provided during the fair. We are particularly pleased that it is a manifestation of fairly highly specialized, and therefore it is visited by people who are engaged and who are interested and deal with these matters. Beside the visit of our old clients, for three days of fair event, we also made contacts with many new clients, which will hopefully lead us to a successful mutual cooperation.
Therewith once again, a big thanks, see you next year!

Slavko Likic, Polietilenski Sistemi d.o.o.Novi Sad




Company CAMBI SA, Asker, Norway:

I take this opportunity, on behalf of Norvegian company Cambi SA, to thank  the organizers  for successfully organized Exhibition on Water.

Cambi SA, a leading provider of technology to convert biodegradable material to renewable  energy, with high quality in deliveries, competence and expertise, is present on the Serbian market since 2011.

In order to fulfill as many business contacts, company Cambi SA has decided to present itself at the Exhibition on Water 2011, estimated that the Fair is an important regional event in our industry.

Analyzing the number of business contacts we made during the exhibitions at the Exhibition on Water 2011, 2012 & 2013, we have confirmed to ourselves that the presence at this event is justified. Organizers professional attitude in the organization of the Exhibition on Waterand the Water Forum is laudable. Great effort and commitment of the organizers, every year results in a large number of professional visitors from home and abroad.

Once again I congratulate you on the excellent organization of the Exhibition on Waterand Water Forum with the desire to continue in that way.

Boban Joksic, CEO at Balkan Business Development Group d.o.o.




Company DANFOSS d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

The company Danfoss is present  from the very start of the Exhibition on Water, and what we notice is that  Exhibition on Watereach year brings together the growing number of exhibitors and visitors. This fact confirms that the Exhibition on Wateris organized at a high level and thanks to its quality will evolve into the most important  event in the region, when it comes to the treatment of water and wastewater.

The desire of the company Danfoss is constant presence  at this important  Fair and we hope that in the coming years we are still going to have a successful cooperation with the organizers.

Marko Cvrkota, Key Account Manager / Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia

DANFOSS d.o.o.



Company MILANOVIĆ INŽENJERING d.o.o., Cerovac - Kragujevac, Serbia:

Our company Milanović inženjering d.o.o. is proud to point out that, since the establishment of the Exhibition on Water, is its permanent participant.

Thanks to Sanja Vučković, the director of the project, and her great coordinated team, in which professionalism and responsibility dominates, as well as a great marketing approach to promote the exhibitors, our company has achieved outstanding contacts and successful cooperation with a vast array of its clients, both existing and the new ones.

On behalf  of the Milanović inženjering d.o.o.  company, we thank you for the excellent organization of the Exhibition on Water, with a desire for further confirmation of our cooperation, and in order to that, to expand the number of our new business clients.

Water Treatment Team
Milanovic Engineering Ltd.




Company KSB PUMPS AND VALVES ltd, Belgrade, Serbia:

KSBpumps and valves company Ltd.aspart of German concern KSB, was in 2012 for the first time able to participate in the Exhibition on Water in Belgrade.
Our team tried, in the best possible way, to present program of our company to the Exhibition on Water visitors. The organizer did his best to help us in our efforts.

Given the large number of visitors of our stand and compliments coming from different sides, we can say that we are satisfied with our participation.

In anycase, the Exhibition on Water which will be held in November 2013 for us means a new opportunity to bring even closer the fascinating world of the KSB to visitors of our stand. We expect support at a high professional level from the organizers as it was in 2012.
We are deeply grateful to the Exhibition organizers for their professional support in preparation and during the Exhibition.

Predrag Corac, Managing Director, KSB pumps and valves ltd.




Company PROMINENT d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

ProMinentcompany was for the second time exhibiting at the Exhibition on Water in Belgrade.
Exhibition was as in the previous year well organized, scheduled and followed by the organizers: the "Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering" and the "BELEXPO" company.

The Impressions of our partners from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, who visited our booth and presentation of our products were very positive, and they were all pleasantly surprised by the well-organized and well attended fair.

ProMinentcompany representatives are grateful to the organizers for the excellent organization of the event. Thanks to you, we made a number of contacts with potential users of our equipment.

We wish to the organizer to continue to work successfully and to say that we will certainly be the “part of it” in the years to come.

Slavisa Milovic, Head of the Representative office Prominent Belgrade d.o.o.




Company PIPELIFE d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

On behalf ofPipelife Serbia, thanks to the successful  organization of  the Exhibition on Water 2012, which, it turned out, was a full score for us as exhibitors.

We hereby wish to inform You that we will be there again next year!

Srdan Radojcic, Sales representative, Pipelife Serbia d.o.o.




Company VIKING JOHNSONLtd, Great Britain:

I can only congratulate to professionally and very successfully organized exhibition and wish to organizers to keep rising trend in participants number for further years. In my opinion the exhibition was great success for everybody – organizers, exhibitors and visitors. Big thanks!

Jiri Knecht, Regional Sales Manager – Europe, Viking Johnson ltd.



Company AC.MO. – DOMINION EXPORT - IMPORT d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

Thank youon behalf of our principal foreign company AC.MO Roncade, Italia and our firm for well organized fair with all professional and experiential attributes.

Since it was our first time at the Exhibition on Water, we are satisfied with the results and our business expectations are met.

The Exhibition was helpful for us because we have established new business contacts, successfully presented our AC.MO foreign principal’s equipment and found interest in both Serbian as well as the markets in its surrounding for itspurchase.

We expect the"Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering" to continue with the practice of propagation of the Expo with its members and enable us, the exhibitors more direct contacts with them.

Our wish is to exhibit at the next year Exhibition on Water 2012.

Dragan Otanjac, General Manager, Dominion export – import d.o.o.




Company CONTROLMATIK ABW d.o.o., Domzale, Slovenia:

We wish to thank you for your hospitality which we’ve received during our participation at Exhibition on Water 2011.

The companyControlmatik ABW produces measuring, dosage and control technique in dispensing drinking, pool and processed water. The presence of our company in Republic of Serbia is in relation with the quality of our products as well as with absolutely high standard of relations between Controlmatik ABW, organizers and firms in the region.

Excellentmarketing approach of the organizers in promoting the fair, informing the media and business partners, has resulted in satisfaction of the exhibitors at the fair.

All thiswas reflected in the excellent number of visitors of our booth, which has been visited by companies fromRepublic of Serbia, as well as from the region.

It is most certainlyresult of your efforts, as well as dedication of company MAGOR from Belgrade, which promotes, sells and services our equipment in Serbian market.

Once again thank you for your professional approach and kindness, which were evident during our visit to Belgrade and presence at the fair.
In the hope that our cooperation will become a tradition, and in this respect, we welcome you.

Vladimir Boben,General Manager, Controlmatik ABW d.o.o.




Company DINOTEC GmbH, Germany:

We want to express our gratitude for the invitation to the Exhibition on Water and we wish to convey our impressions to future exhibitors.

Having in mind that we deal with the manufacturing of water cleaning devices, our past experiences, which have to do with exhibiting at the construction engineering and technology exhibition, are considerably different from the Exhibition on Water, which is by far more interesting precisely because of the target group of visitors and narrower focus of the exhibition to the products directly connected to drinking water.

We wish to express a special thanks to the exhibition organizer Sanja Vuckovic and to acknowledge her professional attitude.

We wish you a lot of success in further operation. 

Biljana Malovic, Managing Director, Dinotec Srbija

DINOTEC GmbH, Nemačka



Company SUPERLAB d.o.o, Belgrade, Serbia:

Exhibition on Water: 8 -10/11/2011 BelExpocentar, Belgrade

On behalf of Superlab I wish to thank the exhibition organizers on the excellent organization and constant support during  the days of the exhibition. We are proud to have been one of the  participants of this event, which has been gathering more and more companies dealing in water treatment each year. We want to thank to the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering for the “right” selection of topics and lecturers.

Apart from the large number of new contacts we made at this exhibition and the possibility to attend the lectures of experts from this field, we also had the opportunity to meet a large number of foreign companies present in our market as well.

We hope you will continue with the good practice and provide us with more exhibitions such as this one.

Sales Team of SUPERLAB




Company VARGON d.o.o, Kukuljanovo, Croatia:

We hereby wish to express our gratitude for the assistance and support you provided in the organization of our participation at the Exhibition on Water 2011. We owe a special thanks to Mrs. Sanja Vuckovic the Project Manager, whose help has made our preparations for participation at the exhibition considerably easier.

With our wishes to achieve quality business cooperation in the following period, we send you our best regards and at the same time our best wishes for 2012. 

Zoran Žuža, Head of Infrastructure Projects, Vargon d.o.o.

VARGON d.o.o



Company WILO BEOGRAD d.o.o, Belgrade, Serbia:

WILO SE from Dortmund has existed for over 130 years and since its foundation this concern has been manufacturing pumps and pump technique. Having in mind the long tradition of this German manufacturer, Wilo today is certainly one of the market leaders and it dictates global development trends of pumps and pump technique. Accordingly, a logical move was to appear at this manifestation.

This year we appeared at the Exhibition on Water for the first time. The impressions we take from this event held at BelExpocentar from 8th  to 10th  November 2011 are positive. We were pleasantly surprised with the visit and the number of exhibitors. The number of visitors at our stand, specific discussions we had with interested companies, as well as numerous useful information we gathered, justify our decision to appear at the Exhibition.

We would like to compliment on a correct and professional attitude the organizers.

Dragan Simonovic, General Manager, Wilo Belgrade d.o.o.




Company CWG BALKAN d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia:

In the name of the company CWG Balkan d.o.o. I direct the regrets for the excellent organization of Exhibition on Water.

Thankful the engagement of Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering, this manifestation is on the path of basement as the high professional fair of water technology. We accent, we are pride that we were one of the participants of second water fair, place, where the experience had been met- new technology and professional point of domestic and foreign companies, which are accompanied with water technology.

We hope you would continue with the good work and make possible that the fair would develop in the certain time on the best way.

Dragana Santovac, Managing Director, CWG Balkan d.o.o.

CWG Balkan d.o.o.



Company VITREX, Niš, Serbia:

Exhibition on Water 2009 and The Expert gathering on water was successful and very good visited thank your excellent organisation and work.

We congratulate you and your business professionals on their work and correct relations to the

participants of the fair with the wish to continue the work in the next years.

Goran Jovanović, General Manager, Vitrex d.o.o.

VITREX d.o.o.



Company PESTAN d.o.o., Arandjelovac, Serbia:

Exhibition on Water 2009 maintained in Expo XXI from 3rd to 5th November 2009 for the company  Pestan presented the very important business event because of new business contacts, presentations of company and its potentials.

Company  Pestan  was present on the fair and for the next time it would be present because of positive experience. Organizer did their work very professional, which was not so easy, but full of positive energy. Polities and profesionallity of organizer was on the high level.

See you next year.

Igor Stosic, Pestan d.o.o.

PEŠTAN d.o.o.



Company SONNTAGBaugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG – Germany:

We are thankful for your hostage and politeness you offered us during our participations on the Exhibition on Water 2009.

Company Sonntag is the leader of European companies in the sector of micro-tunneling and participation on many fairs in Europe. This is the first time, that we were in Serbia and this is for us one new and very pleasant surprise. From the preparing of the fair, first contacts to the preparing of the exhibition hall- everything were excellent. Very punctual and very professional. We are grateful to the organizer for their help and suggestions and especially to Mrs. Sanja Vučković, who did an excellence work and was our right hand.

Also all compliments to the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering for their choice of themes and lecturer. We made contacts with great number of communal companies in Serbia. We became much useful information and deterred that we should work at the improvement of new market.

Ones more we congratulate you for the excellent organization of Exhibition on Water and we give you the best evaluation and the reference we should give our partners and friends in the Germany.

Patricia Wegner, Executive Manager, SonntagBaugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

SONNTAG- Baugesellschaft mbH & Co



Company VALMAN, Belgrade, Serbia:

I can thank in the name of mine and in the name of company VALMAN d.o.o and in the name of the company HAWLE GmbH, for your inviting us to present on the Exhibition on Water EXPO XXI in Belgrade from 3rd to 5th November 2009.

According the results after mentioned fair, we must tell you that we are more than satisfied with the organization and the visiting of the fair, also with politeness with the staff of the fair.

We hope that this manifestation should grow in a traditional manifestation and it would be pleasure with more foreign exhibitors. It would be pleasure for us to be presented in 5 next years.

 Ratimir Davidović, Valman d.o.o.

VALMAN d.o.o.



Company VODI GORICA D.D. Kromberk, Slovenia:

We are the company VODI GORICA d.d. Kromberk from Slovenia. We are at work with installation business (building of waterworks, canalization, communal infrastructure, and waterworks). We are sailing installations materials for the technology companies: Electro steel, MZT Learnica, Bassani, Raci. Exept that we are doing the control servicing and we have the accreditation list, and by that we can give the sign on hydrant.

In this year we were at Exhibition on Water in Belgrade from 3rd to 5th November 2009 in the new exhibition hall Expo XXI. We are very satisfied with the fair. At our desk came Mr. Alfio FIRPO, commercial director of Electrostella Italia, and Mr. Andrew RADFORD, management director Electrosteel Great Britain.

The presentation of our company was very successful, and because of that we should be grateful to the organizer of the fair. The staff and the organizer took care about us, and they made us meet with the new business partners.

Mladen Antić, General Manager, Vodi Gorica d.d.